The Best in 10 Years


This year 2019 has been so good in many ways, I had the chance to work in so many amazing projects, meet awesome people and make so many good friends. Between the studio and personal work, I have pushed myself to be the best I could be as an artist.

I still remember back in 2009 in Cuba when I was thriving to learn everything I possibly could to bring my ideas to life. Imagine, no Internet, no references, no tutorials, just you, a slow computer and the software, and to be honest, that was enough because I had everything that I needed, I had Inspiration, Ideas, and a big will to learn more. Being hungry for more, for knowledge has stuck with me for the past 10 years and it’s going to stay there, you never stop learning and polishing your skills, the industry right now has so many talented artists, so many cool projects to do, the competition is fierce but in a good sense. We have a community where everybody praises and helps each other’s to do better work. One of the things I want to do in the upcoming years is to finish and share more personal work, get more involved in the art community, inspire more people, share my knowledge and learn what I can from others.

My Two Cents

As an artist, I always recommend people to look at other artist’s work, see where you want to be, how good you can get, and compare it to your work, don’t let the (He’s/Her work is better than mine) get you down, instead, get inspired, try harder to achieve that level and beyond, never be afraid of trying new things, new techniques, there’s always room for something cool to come up, you may even find on what you truly want to specialize in. Art is changing, don’t let the change affect the standard of quality of your work, always aim for the highest standard and know that it’s never enough, that in the next project you can do better than that, only pushing yourself and putting the Time In, will make the difference. Don’t be satisfied with what you just created, find the mistakes, there’s always room for improvement and work from there. I follow these things myself and it has helped me get better as a designer, be critical about your work, and let others critique you, it’s vital to not get stuck in thinking is good enough when it’s not.

Room for More

I have explored the Television promo from end to end in the past years, I’m excited for what’s to come in the next 10 years and beyond in other Industries, maybe it is Gaming Industry, maybe it is Film, I still don’t know which one will come first but it will be a fun ride.

Dream, and dream big. There’s no limit on what you can create, in the end, that’s our work, to create what’s on the mind, what’s on the imagination, and that is a F* cool job to do.

Andy Fernandez | DreedX

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