Codename: ENOK CODEX®

Future City


When I started creating Future City, I started by looking at many references of a futuristic yet chaotic city. I was not shy to explore details, I wanted it too look as busy and dirty as it could without compromising the key elements. As any other personal project, it served as learning on multiple areas I wasn’t that knowledgeable.


An area I wanted to explore and get better at was Lighting, this was a complex enough scene to push my limits. There’s 5 lights in this scene and 0 no HDRI working as a light element. Using Octane Render on Cinema 4D Light ID I could lit elements in an object by object instance and let Global Illumination (GI) do the rest of the work.


Being a very dense scene, I couldn’t spent months creating it, I modeled the initial stages of the scene, blocking out the main elements. I used 40% assets from available libraries like Quixel Megascans / Kitbash3D and the rest was modeled by me in Maya and Marvelous Designer for the cloth elements.

Scene Ambient Occlusion without Textures | Scene Illumination without Texture Diffuse / Albedo Comparison.


Character Clothes

Garments creation in Marvelous Designer, texturized on Substance Painter. The look I wanted was a modern futuristic with a tactical feel. I didn’t put much love on the front of the bra since in the idea it will never be seen. In the final Image these garments are barely visible but they served as training on like every other part of this project.



The Character had a futuristic device on the hand, and I though it will be a good idea and learning process to explore deeper on a phone design, I chose Samsung as the brand and started exploring on the design, something else that is barely visible yet brought me a lot of knowledge while doing it, other cool ideas came about from it.

View Power of Gravity Project


Female Anatomy Study

I started the modeling on ZBrush from a Female basemesh that I quickly posed before-hand, since this project had no animation plans, was a step I forced at the beginning. After the usual process of modeling, took a decimated mesh to Maya, did a quick retopology and UV’s then re-projected details back to the subdivided mesh on ZBrush to continue adding details later on. After I was happy with the result I started grooming using Ornatrix on Cinema 4D. At this same stage I was doing the garments shown before on Marvelous Designer.


Scene Composition

Many iterations later I found a composition I was happy with. At the end, many elements on the scene could have been added on Comp or simulated thru texture. Part of my choice of creating everything was for learning purposes and I was not shy about adding as many physical elements that could enhance the final look of my idea.


To finish, this concept will establish part of the look and feel of the world of Codename: ENOK CODEX® , an original IP with amazing characters and story that I cannot wait to share more about. There will be 9 designs with this one being the first.



Finally, I could finish this piece, first one of the upcoming series that will establish the look, feel, and some characters of my upcoming original IP.

As much as I wanted to continue I think this exercise accomplished what was supposed to do, lots of learning on lighting and composition. Now it’s time to move on into the next piece of the series.

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